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The massive modern privacy war on your private data 

In the last presidential election, Cambridge Analytica utilized Facebook information to develop psychological models that could predict whether a person voted for Trump or Hillary. The company has also worked for the Trump campaign. While their methods have drawn criticism, Cambridge Analytica is not the only firm that utilizes social media data to influence voters. Social media companies use this data to increase user engagement and advertising revenue.

In 2015, Cambridge Analytica used Facebook data to develop psychological models that could predict whether a person voted for Trump or Hillary. This involved collecting personal information including demographics, social media usage and political opinions. They also collected public information such as a user’s friends and past purchases. This allowed Cambridge Analytica to develop a psychological model of each user’s personality and political beliefs. The company then used this model to target specific voters with ads on Facebook based on their model’s predictions of voting behavior. Cambridge Analytica’s methods have drawn criticism from many corners, including Facebook itself.

When the election drew near, many Trump supporters blamed Hillary Clinton’s corruption for their candidate’s electoral loss. They pointed out that Clinton had far more support from party leaders than did Trump despite Clinton having serious ethical issues of her own. As such, the blame shifted towards Clinton supporters who were seen as disloyal and partisan by Trump supporters. During the election, Cambridge Analytica was working with the Trump campaign under Steve Bannon, former executive chair of Breitbart News and President DonaldTrump’s adviser-in-chief until August 2017 when he left his post at the White House under fire for white nationalist views.

Cambridge Anlytica is a British company started by Republican donor and billionaire Robert Mercer, who supported Trump and Brexit— two movements Mercer financially supported financially through his investments in hedge funds and computer technology companies he co-founded with $6 billion of capital in 2016 alone according to Forbes magazine (Mercer reportedly sold over $15 billion worth of stock holdings in 2017). According to Bloomberg News, Bannon once referred to Cambridge Anlytica as “Mercer-vale on steroids— raw dog power… With Bob Mercer at its head… [it] is really now running things in America… It’s Handmaid’s Tale times five!” Bannon also referred to DonaldTrump as “Darth Vader… A man with a mission… A true leader… A man who will restore what has been lost of America!”

Though Cambridge Anlytica received negative press recently due to accusations it worked with the Trump campaign during the 2016 elections, it is not alone in its methods nor are its intentions nefarious or underhanded like some have suggested in recent weeks since investigations began into how it worked with the Trump campaign during elections time-frame along with how it obtained personal data from Facebook users via partnerships with third party app developers via Facebook pages (which garnered backlash from users due to security concerns). Despite negative press regarding Cambridge Anlytica in recent weeks— especially after Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos called their tactics “deceitful at best and malevolent at worst” — they have been operating since at least 2013 under multiple different names such as psychometrics firm Global Science Research (GSR), Rebuild The Wall Street Journal reported; Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), Wired reports; Eunoia Technologies; NGP VAN; Accenture Plc.; OCA – an international consulting firm based in Paris; Black Cube; Camberdactyl Consulting Group Ltd.; Black Wave Research LLC.; Camberdactyl Solutions International PSC; Camberdactyl Analytics International PSC; Camberdactyl Research Ltd.; ICR Holding Ltd., according to Motherboard research project lead Tyler Kepner writes for a Motherboard article titled “Cambridge Analytica IS NOT shutdown: Here are all its reincarnations since 2013


Facebook Faceoff. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica and Russian election interference cyber disasters, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was subjected to a 10-hour doubleheader–amazingly his first testimony ever before Congress–under scrutiny from the Senate Judiciary and Commerce, Science and Transport Committees on 10 April and the House

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